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Cost: $15,000 for 3 months

    • A deep dive… We do all the services of the Bocce Accelerator Program – as a starting point for an extensive, very personalized, on-location roll-out of a high-end bocce program at your club.
    • A senior member of USA Bocce will be your club’s Bocce Director for three months – creating and activating all dimensions of a strong, healthy, profitable, lasting bocce program.
    • We will market your leagues and events, create ‘house’ rules, get leagues off the ground, manage and MC league matches and events, and update members with match results, scheduling issues, etc.
    • We will train your team member that will be taking over all bocce responsibilities; training them on specifics of bocce, on how to effectively run events, on managing league correspondence, etc.
    • End result, after three months – a club will be well on its way to a long-term financially and experientially successful program.

For information, please contact USA Bocce (310.529.1400),