We passionately believe, in a day when we’re all consumed with iPhones and inundated with digital information, all ages yearn for a sense of belonging.

To share experiences.  To nurture real, lasting friendships and relationships.  To have a piazza in their lives.

Gen Y’s. Millennials.  Gen X’s.  Baby boomers.  All on the same page with this.

The exponentially-growing social sport of bocce is all about this.  It taps into two core desires:

    It’s a way to experience the high of competition — while having a drink in your other hand.  For older Baby boomers, it may be ‘aging-out’ of more physical/demanding sports where they’re not able to compete on the same playing field as those younger — and, with bocce, they can be very competitive and keep their competitive juices flowing.
    Playing bocce in a club/league with friends is a completely different social experience from going to bars.  Gen Y’s and X’s are finding that instead of seeking relationships on Tinder; many are seeing the lasting relationships possible from meeting people in a bocce league.  For the older demos, it’s a lot more fun and engaging than just sitting on a bar stool all night long.

Some are drawn to bocce because of one or the other of these core desires.  Most are drawn to both.

We also believe in tribes.

That’s really what USA Bocce is.  A tribe.  With tribes inside a tribe.

It’s creating a central home for the plethora of bocce leagues/clubs at private country clubs, in parks (and bocce players everywhere) with no organization that unifies them, shares best practices, and offers services to significantly better the experiences and increase revenues from this exponentially evolving social sport.

On top of all that, we appreciate the most magical aspect of the oldest game in the world… “Bocce.  You can play it in five minutes, but it takes a lifetime to master.”  We are so respectful of the art of mastering this extraordinary sport, and will continue to create ways for bocce players, on any level, to improve and elevate the strategy and performance of their game.

We consider it a privilege that you are a part of our organization — and we’re looking forward to creating experiences that are a positive and rewarding part of your life’s journey.