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Cost: $1,500 yearly

  • Clubs are members of the governing organization that includes the most successful bocce clubs in America.
  • An elegantly-framed certificate recognizing a club’s USA Bocce membership.
  • A 3’ x 5’ pennant of USA Bocce (that can be displayed in a club, at the courts, at events, etc.)
  • Password-protected access to detailed, turn-key, best-of-class league, tournament and event templates and architectures.
  • Access to all contact information of leading bocce clubs and its leadership across America.
  • Bi-weekly newsletter and videos of best practices and case-studies – drawing from all leading bocce clubs and league programs.
  • Monthly conference calls with similar leading bocce clubs and programs — sharing best-practices, challenges, and ways to better monetize bocce.
  • USA Bocce videos (superior to any videos currently on the Internet) to be shared as a value-add with club members on bocce strategies and techniques.


For memberships, please contact USA Bocce (310.529.1400),