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The Corel VideoStudio Ultimate has three tabs which use Capture, where you import your photos. Edit, where you did all editing, and Share, by uploading videos and uploading completed videos.

The Edit tab is a place where you will spend most of your time. It is similar to the Premiere but simpler. The timeline shows the preview, library, and more options panels. It is a smooth and accurate process, although it is not good for working with many video layers like Premiere Pro.



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Corel VideoStudio Ultimate features includes:


  1. Basic planning


The Corel VideoStudio Ultimate software allows news board editing and timing. Source clips support the various formats and export the resulting video to DVD, AVCHD, HD-DVD, and AVI. VideoStudio also supports direct streaming of DV and HDV to disk.


2. Transitions


The Corel VideoStudio Ultimate offers several categories of video changes, including:


  • FX contains video effects such as ‘Burn’ and ‘Fade to black.’
  • 3D provides dynamic 3D effects
  • Insert an album with a slide effect similar to that of a photo album.


3. Overlay

Users can cover Flash animation, images, or text in a video. However, the amount of overlap provided has some limitations. Users must remove a certain color from the overlay video. The background or the required image appears in the front.


Other features

VideoStudio can change the video playback speed, resize, and change color and fullness. Provides tools that allow the user to cut, trim, and split video tracks. The soundtrack can separate from the video track, allowing the audio to play at a different speed than the video. The feature Corel calls “SmartRender” only provides edited parts of the video. The user can preview the edited images without VideoStudio creating temporary files. This feature also makes the final delivery much faster.


4. Video Proxy Files


VideoStudio supports high-definition video editing. Proxy files are small video source types that represent a source of full-resolution during editing to improve performance.


5.. Plug-ins / Bundles


VideoStudio supports VFX plug-ins from providers like NewBlue.

The proDAD plug-ins are Roto-Pen, Script, Vitascene, and Mercalli-Stabilizer integrated with X4, X5, and X6.


The Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is expensive and easily accessible. It is a smooth, accurate system. The features set you up further in options entirely intended for beginners alike, such as the Premiere Elements. It’s a great choice for insecure editors or those working on simple projects, like great social media videos.


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