The three attributes of a good bocce court: flat, level and fast.

Equally important, the three most important things in real estate and bocce: location, location, location.

Bocce must be at a place you want to go to — a ‘piazza.’  And like any good piazza, there better be a bar right there.

After that, you start to get into the specifics: making sure there’s no ‘bounce’ on the court (if it’s a synthetic surface), how the rails behave, etc.

If you’re building courts, whether at a club or the backyard of your home, it’s so important to manage real expectations regarding maintenance.  Different surfaces demand very different levels of maintenance.

Regarding the question of which kind of surface to install (synthetic, oyster shell, dg, hard tru, resin) there are many variables to consider.

One of the biggest being the amount of maintenance each one requires.

All things being equal, USA Bocce strongly recommends considering resin-based courts — they’re where bocce is going, and that’s the surface of the finest clubs in America.  While it’s more to install, there is virtually no maintenance.  And they look spectacular.

That being said, there are fantastic oyster-shell courts, clay courts, synthetic, hybrid-sythentic/oyster shell and dg-surfaced courts — all around the country.  The maintenance and gardening of a court are far more important than the surface.

One thing we’re certain of; there are so many courts that get built that are ‘close, but no cigar.’

It’s the ‘devils in the details’ that matter.  So many clubs, parks, restaurants, hotels, business parks and homes so often end up replacing their courts because they we’re installed properly in the first place.

As with everything, there is a right way to do things.

There is so much misinformation out there on the internet about constructing courts; be very careful.  Be very aware of the vested interests of the site’s authors.

USA Bocce’s vested interested is helping you building courts that are best for your particular, unique needs.

Give us a call and we can guide you on creating courts you can be proud of – and enjoy for a long time.